17 Nov 2015

Borneo Coffee

Everyone loves good food. Good food is always what i need in sad occasion, happy moments, when i am lonely, when i am with my buddies, etc. Of all the place that i in search of good food in my small island ( which is not much place you can look for some nice food ), there is this one small coffee shop that is hidden in a shopping complex that even most locals also don't know (strangely weird). So here's a simple introduction to this coffee shop. The name of this coffee shop is 'Borneo Coffee'. It is located at the Beta Service Apartment, inside Financial Park ( has no relationship with the service apartment authorities).

I have to say, at first this shop does somehow look like a classy coffee, but in reality the coffee there taste like a normal coffee ( kinda disappointed ). BUT!!! The attraction is strangely the food there ( i am not kidding at all ). 
The food there varies from the normal malay's ala carte' to the professionally made western dish to Indonesian delights. I mean, how unlikely this small coffee shop has so many variety of to offer in the most unlikely place. 

To make the menu even more attractive, the management even adds in a few breakfast sets, toast menu and even the local favorites snack, the pisang goreng (fried banana). What I want to point out is the pisang goreng there. Normally the locals will eat their pisang goreng with just some normal chili sause or even tomato sause. But this shop offers from the normal pisang goreng kosong ( plain fried banana) to the pisang goreng susu (fried banana with condensed milk) to even the pisang goreng choco cheese ( Fried banana with choco and cheese toppings). 
The image above is the pisang goreng susu cheese. The locals here absolutely love it. It is a must try if you drop by at Labuan Island at Malaysia. 

If you somehow went to a vacation to Labuan Island, do drop by Borneo Coffee at the financial park and have a taste of the menu offered there. Thanks for tuning in and do leave some comments. 


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