29 Jun 2016

Help me! I've got Writer's Block Syndrome!

Hi, Randy here~

We all know that sometime we will meet up with a common syndrome for writers, publishers and especially BLOGGERS and that syndrome is called the Writer's Block.

What is a Writer's Block? According to google, Writer's Block is the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing. Ever get into a situation where you first know what your gonna blog/write about then after a few words or maybe a few seconds, your brain just went blank? Well, ladies and gentlemen, you have caught the Writer's Block syndrome. 

In any sense, you can overcome this syndrome easily and let me show you how~

Well, some people just overcome this syndrome by doing some exercises or activities that can make their blood flow such as taking a walk by their garden/house or maybe even running. As blood start flowing into their brain, you might feel a spark of inspiration. 

Some people overcome this problem just by relaxing for a bit. In a way, sometimes taking things nice and slowly is the right pace for you to get down to that master piece you're going to create. Examples of relaxation activities include taking a power nap, listen to some music (i usually listen to classical one's), and even playing a game.

If the above doesn't work for you, there is this one last resort you can try. The last method is to socialize with the people around you. Be it your friends and family or even your teachers, try talking to them on random stuffs. Trust me, you will be surprised on how far your topic will go and what you can explore.

That is it for this post, i hope i did helped you all. If i did, do leave a comment or give this post a reaction (the one i recently added) and as always, i will see you in the next post.


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