24 Feb 2016

How to SUPERCHARGE your iphone

This post is dedicated to all iPhone users. Have you ever wonder how can you make your iPhone charge faster as you might need it ASAP? Good news, I have a way and it really does work assuming your battery condition is in good shape.

All you need are just 3 things.
1. Your iPhone

2. An iPad charger

3. A wall plug

Here are the following steps
1. Put your iPhone in airplane mode

2. After that, just simple charge it with your iPad charger. That's all.

The reason of putting your iPhone into airplane mode is to minimise the energy consumption as your cellular network, wifi, mobile network, etc consumes quite a lot of battery. By minimizing the output, you maximize the input. 
As for the iPad charger is because of its ampheres ( or amps/A). The meaning of ampheres is the amount of electric current travelling per second. In other words, the higher the amps, the more current is travelling per second. A USB from your PC only has merely 0.5A while your normal iPhone charger has about 1.2A but an iPad charger has a whooping 2.1A.

Hope you enjoy the tips and for more details, just leave a comment below. Happy charging~



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